Welcome to the official OpenTitus website!

OpenTitus is a project aiming on rewrite the old PC game classic Titus The Fox into a portable opensource game, written in C and using SDL.

What we have done so far:

Written a SQZ extractor that extract .SQZ files (the levels, sprites, letters and the executable itself is compressed).

Written a level viewer, that will display the levels with player, objects, enemies, elevators and bonuses.

Written an interactive level viewer, where you additionally can walk around in the level, just like the game without a game engine.

Written an audio player, which will play the original adlib music found in the executable.

To make this project editor-friendly, a new file format/data structure, called MFL, is made. This is a module-based structure, where new modules can simply be added with new content. Once it's finished, it can also be adopted to other projects, because of it's modular structure.

Downloads, SF project page


Titus the fox fansite with a DOS level editor and an active guestbook, http://ttf.mine.nu/

The team:

Stople: Founder and head programmer

Blackserpent: Programmer and other stuff

(This web page doesn't have high priority by now, but that will probably change in the future)

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